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Where did we come from?


Conrad Construction was created in 2015 by myself, Patrick Conrad. It was a culmination of many years working in the field as a sought after carpenter and project manager. As a child, I was close to one of my uncles who worked a s foreman in a veneer plant. At the age of nine my uncle brought me to the plant and showed myself and my brother around. I had the oppurtunity to operate a giant lathe in the saw mill. It was an instant excitement that sparked a lifetime of working with my hands and a career as a builder.

I spent my teenage summers working various labor jobs. Landscaping, window demolition and install and as a laborer for a local electrical utility. The time I spent working in these fields was hard work but also extremely enjoyable to me. I attended some college but ended up going to work in a lumber mill and before long I was a certified lumber grader. After a few years I went to work for a Portland Lumber company as a warehouseman. After six months I was a counter salesman and not to long after, I became the lead counter sales and a backup contractor salesman.

Early Years

I was recruited by a local contractor to come to work for him as a carpenter in his Portland Remodeling company. This is when I really found what I loved! I enjoyed it all. Foundations, framing finish work and everything in between. I had found something that was both physically and mentally challenging. I enjoyed finding out as much as I could about how things worked. I eventually went on to work in excavation and concrete before going to work as a lead carpenter and project manager at one of the top residential remodeling companies in Portland. That was where I honed my skills as a manager and leader over an 8 year period. I also obtained a deep understanding of the science of building. It was beyond the carpentry and production. It was understanding the function of the different building technologies. These days, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with my team and new customers.

Through the years, I developed many great relationships with clients. I enjoyed working with them and helping to achieve their vision. That is what drove me to start Conrad Construction. To bring a personal approach to the building process. I wanted a small but diverse team of talented and customer service driven people to provide not only great work, but a great building experience for the customer. That is our goal and happy clients is what drives us.


Your Home is Our Business

At Conrad Construction, we take pride in having talented and knowledgeable staff. Our carpenters are well versed in many phases of the construction process. We also have long lasting relationships with outstanding sub-contractors, designers and architects. When we arrive to your home, you can rest assured that we come with an unparalleled understanding of your home from top to bottom. There are few problems we cannot resolve.


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John Blyler 1/30/2023

The workers from Conrad Construction were courteous and efficient. Both Patrick Contrad and Jessie explained the work being done each day and answered all my questions. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Pam Harmon 1/4/2022

Our small bathroom project began with the need to replace our tub with a new walk in tub. Everything else needed updated too. There was a lot more work that needed to be done than I had originally thought. Patrick was good about going over all of the details needed. He was also very good about knowing the required codes so everything could pass inspection. We ended up having them remove our chimney that took up space in the bathroom. Conrad ... continue reading

miranda stowers 11/16/2021

Couldn’t be happier with the professionalism of this company. They kept to the time frame and budget of the first original contract. Not one hiccup and the work produced was impeccable. Adding the ADU to my home was the smartest investment I have ever made.

We are here for you

From the very first meeting, we start listening and acting on your behalf. We try to identify your questions and concerns and then proceed in a way to best address all of those items.

Quality will be delivered — even where you can’t see it or may never know about it.

Hiring a contractor is a big step. You are depending on the contractor to have the required knowledge to not only build your project professionally and correctly, but to manage all of the various aspects of your project outside of the construction aspect. We are experts in construction and home performance. We are also experts in project management. You can trust that permitting, scheduling and finances are all being carefully considered and executed. We work ethically and studiously, even where it may not be noticed.

— Patrick Conrad

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