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Arleda Martinez

The YWCA of Greater Portland had a very tight project budget and a stiff deadline. Patrick worked with us to iron out just the right fit and Conrad Construction got it done on time. A great job, and we look forward to working with Conrad Construction again.

Dale Palileo

Walt N

He always does what he says he will do. He is reliable and does great work!

Taryn Hamilton

Patrick is wonderful to work with! The bid was great and the finished product looks AMAZING! I look forward to working with them again!

magg Hamilton

So friendly! Have used these guys several times now. Very professional and easy to work with.

Tracy M

Needed a new water heater installed to replace a water heater that was no longer available. They no only provided a water heater that met our price point, but the delivery and installation was perfect!


Needed and existing water heater replace. Had know idea what i was doing. Contacted Patrick at Conrad Construction to get information. He provided all the information i needed without cost or expectation of having them do the work. He gave us multiple options and made sure they fit with our price point. I elected to have him do the work and it was exceptional work he provided. Not only did they deliver and install withing a couple of hours, they provided excellent information about care and up keep. I would and will recommend Conrad construction to others. We have a wall removal project and intend to go with them to do the work.

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