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Many local Portland, Oregon homes have unfinished basements, and while it may be a major remodeling project - reclaiming this unused space is a huge game-changer for any home. The average Portland basement has a good amount of square footage that can be utilized to suit many needs.

Unfinished basements are often relegated as storage spaces for excess furniture or as a place to house a washer and dryer. Basement remodeling gives homeowners a chance to expand space in a way that not only increases efficiency but also helps to create a more conducive and complementary living environment.

Unfinished basement potential

Here are just a few ideas for your living space :

  • Game Room
  • Media Room
  • Home Theater
  • Family Room
  • Recreation space
  • Laundry Room
  • New bathroom
  • Home Gym
Few ideas for your living space

A finished basement remodel offers a lot of potential. So, if you're ready to think outside the box and add more resale value to your home - it's time for a basement remodel.

Your basement living space, reimagined.

Basements are exciting spaces to remodel. Basement remodeling allows homeowners to create a space that feels like home and the opportunity to make efficient use of unused square footage. While basement remodels can be a major project, it is important to consider that basements offer the added benefit of being additional living space at a relatively low cost.

With your time and investment, we can update and add basement walls, light fixtures, flooring, and in some circumstances, we can add an egress window allowing for natural light. Depending on exactly what you are looking for, your basement remodel can be as simple as adding new finishings and lights to your space or as elaborate as creating rooms and even a kitchenette for that additional livable space you've been wanting.

If you're ready to find out how much extra value your home could gain from an expert basement remodel, contact Conrad Construction LLC in Portland, Oregon, today!

Your basement living space

Basement remodeling contractors

Basement remodeling contractors

Conrad Constructon LLC is known in Portland for its exceptional customer service and a higher standard of home remodeling. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and quality work at a fair price for each and every client we work with.
You can expect excellent communication and updates on project details throughout your new basement remodel when you work with us. Our team always strives to stay on time and budget for all our projects - Let our team of expert remodelers handle your basement remodel in Portland Oregon.

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